Arthur Elgort

1_photo-arthur-elgort-sasha-pivovarova-vogue-us-june-2009-the-wedding-partyThere is something beautifully nostalgic about black & white photography. 2 new_photo-arthur-elgort-sasha-pivovarova-vogue-us-june-2009-the-wedding-party-b Looking at these images from acclaimed photographer Arthur Elgort makes me feel like I’m flicking through the pages of a dusty old photo album. 3_arthur-elgort-photographer-614_photographed-by-arthur-elgort-vogue-october-20055_christy-turlington-ph-arthur-elgort-christy-in-new-orleans-british-vogue-june-19906_Arthur Elgort 017_linda-evangelista-with-kristen-mcmenamy-ph-arthur-elgort8_ph-arthur-elgort-c9_sept-95-elgort-310_1991_09_Vogue_Paris_Ph_Arthur_Elgort_002_Christy11_cocobeauty312_photographed-by-arthur-elgort-cindy-crawford13_photographed-by-arthur-elgort-vogue-november-1995-pCaroline Trentini photo shoot by Arthur Elgort (2006)

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