Bruce Weber – Black + White


These photos of Bruce Weber’s take me back to a time when Calvin Klein campaign posters of a fresh-faced Kate Moss used to adorn my high-school folder.


These particular few images are from the series ‘Homage to Edward Weston’ styled by Grace Coddington featuring Taliso Soto & Bruce Hulse. Shot in Bellport, Long Island in 1982.


5_Library---0532 4_129036911852252212_775aaf59-fa12-43a9-8484-63ea6f75eba0_27589_338

Grace claims… ‘this was the most powerful story we ever did together. Bruce says that one reason Weston came to mind as a mythical character who deserved to have a story built around him – was that he was so totally dedicated to photography that his fingers turned black from forever being immersed in the chemical fixture.’


Talisa Soto – “The Boxer” in dress by Anne Klein (at the time of the shoot the Puerto Rican model was just seventeen)….she was cast as the equivalent of Weston’s partner, Charis.

7  new_BruceWeber2

Grace Coddington talks much about Bruce in her book ‘Grace’ – so much so, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the man himself.



In an excerpt from this chapter she says – ‘Bruce Weber’s pictures & his life are one. His photographs are all about relationships, and and the people he works with become his extended family.’




13_patti-hansen-photographed-by-bruce-weber-n14_original marion coitillard  K1B2 17_bruce-weber-for-moncler-b18_never+alone+bruce+weber+vogue+italia+september+1997+1_thumb[2] 19_never+alone+bruce+weber+vogue+italia+september+1997+2_thumb[8] 15_tumblr_m712jkeYaO1r0qqppo1_500_ kirsty hume 20_2fd92fa9c04786ef972dc3f396885189 21_tumblr_l3o1wszUt91qbkmx9o1_500 22_meet me in montauk jean campbell bruce weber joe mckenna vogue uk, october 2013 18

23_With Turlington in Nepal for British Vogue 199424_american-vogue-editorial-adirondacks-new-york-photo-by-bruce-weber25_cara-delevingne-edie-campbell-alexa-chung-oly-L-qcHuH0

26_tumblr_l45gponhhE1qan9e0 LAST_versace3_9544_622x466


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