Style Icon: Mia Farrow

1_fhd968RMB_Mia_Farrow_019I’m watching the 1960’s  film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ & falling in love with Mia Farrow…

2_rosemarysbaby3_Mia-Farrow-Rosemarys-Baby6_RosemarysBaby_129Pyxurz4_fhd968RMB_Mia_Farrow_0477_Rosemarys-Baby_Mia-Farrow_red-trouser-suit_walking-mid.bmp25_rb-mia8_rosemary_s_baby_05_g13_936full-mia-farrow20_tumblr_m15btjWRwp1qbeumgo1_128018_mia319_mia-farrow-life-1_2692636k21_Mia-Farrow-Vogue-8Aug13-Rex_b22_Mia-Farrow-198123_mia-farrow-817_mia24_miafarrowxl25_Mia-Farrow-Cropped11_936full-mia-farrow (1)26_mia-farrow-look-magazine-cover26_tumblr_mbllb7V6Ng1r146jzo1_1280Mia Farrow in a still from "Rosemary's Baby," 1968.9_img34914_mia_farrow_968DANDY IN ASPIC MIA FARROW off set10_Image

One thought on “Style Icon: Mia Farrow

  1. I’m a huge fan of all things Rosemary’s Baby. I am still tryingto find out what kind of watch shr was wearing in the phone booth scene. Can you help??

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