Style Icon: Charlotte Le Bon

1_Charlotte-Le-Bon-stars-as-Victoire-Doutreleau-in-Yves-Saint-Laurent-Movit.net_After seeing this Canadian beauty, Charlotte Le Bon, star in the Yves Saint Laurent biopic recently where she plays Victoire Doutreleau I have become intrigued to know more about her & this woman she portrayed.Tournage YSLVictoire Doutreleau played a significant role in Dior’s ’50s heyday as one of his favourite models. She first met Christian Dior at the age of 18 in the spring of 1953, where he hired her for her first modelling assignment & ended up as a face of the New Look.3_tumblr_n1ykhhRrmI1tuvj8eo6_1280Victoire then met Yves when he became Dior’s assistant in 1953. They became very close friends working together & also partying together along with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.4_003-yves-saint-laurent-theredlist5_130701-4144-e1395681735633Charlotte on the other hand, is a child of the 80’s and having started her career as a model – has now found success in acting if this film is anything to judge by.6_charlotte-le-bon-ysl5_jalil-lespert-and-charlotte-le-bon-in-yves-saint-laurent-(2014)Above photo of Charlotte with the film’s director Jalil Lespert & below photo with co-star Pierre Niney.8_52b32f43c8d057af7f0000027_charlotte-le-bon____9_charlottelebon210_11860MARIE CLAIRE 2 Charlotte Lebon 211_un-visage-d-ange-image-373033-article-ajust_93012_charlotte-le-bon-glamour-france-513_un-tres-joli-noir-et-blanc-image-392817-article-ajust_93014_charlotte-le-bon-glamour-france-215_o-CHARLOTTE-LE-BON-facebook16_1878925-charlotte-le-bon-par-jour-de-pluie17_charlotte-le-bon18_charlotte-le-bon-toute-en-finesse-image-392816-article-ajust_93019_1317811-charlotte-le-bon-alpe-d-huez-le-19-950x0-120_charlotte-le-bon-be-magazine-521_glamour_102_-_septembre_2012_05_122_Charlotte-Le-Bon-For-Be-Magazine-France-Juin-2014_08_123_uklit0uj71_6c24_1014750-charlotte-le-bon-and-clement-michel-at-950x0-125_elle-ne-vous-fait-pas-penser-a-mathmath-de-image-392806-article-ajust_93026_CSC_003227_h-4-2511330-130805955628_charlotte-le-bon-feature-2

Charlotte’s new film Yves Saint Laurent is currently showing at the Palace Verona cinema, Paddington & other art-house cinemas throughout Australia.


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