I saw this clever fashion school graduation range when it was first shown last year, but its stuck in my mind since then as such a unique concept I thought it was worth sharing here.

3_Edda_72dpi_005Edda Gimnes is a graduate at the London College of Fashion & was featured in The New York Times as one of ten ´Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch.


This Norwegian designer was at a car boot sale in Wimbledon when she stumbled across a garbage bag of over 300 vintage photographs that would form the inspiration for her collection.


Gimnes began to sketch clothing & accessories inspired by the found photographs using her opposite hand. She scans the sketches, blows them up & digitally prints them onto canvas that she then styles into clothing & accessories. “It’s supposed to look as if huge illustrations are walking down the runway”.


The result is a child-like, whimsical collection that might to some look like permanent marker taken to calico in a frenzy, or to others – vintage paper dolls with cut-out cardboard outfits.



Above & below photos featuring model Mathilde Sofie by Yoo Sun



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