Vintage Vogue


I’m always fascinated by vintage everything. Especially seeing how fashion & style has evolved over time.



These are a few of my favourite vintage Vogue magazine covers, dating back to 1909 & in order of oldest to newest.


3.5_Winter-Vogue_04-Nov1920 (1)


5_20120801-1315086_vogue-1936-title17_1st_Vogue-June-1-19407_1950_vouge8_Vogue_1951Vogue_1951.63150034_large9_Vogue-Covers-1950s-napier10_vogue vintage july august 195111_Vogue-Oct.-15-195212_Vintage Vogue UK June 1953 corrination issue I managed to trace the image of the cover for this issue of Vogue June Magazine 1953 uk edition. Also I was really intrested in this page in the magaizine13_1950s_11_5058920158_58fe9dc298_b14_vogue_-_oct_1956-61211655_large15_1960s_mb_vogue215_2nd_CN00029874_115617185890.jpg_gallery_max16_1960s_twiggy-vogue2_5102390618_6d8f7cd46e_b-on-wanken18_Vogue jewels19_1962_CCI29112010_0000220_VogueCoverSep64_V_12jul10_b21_June-1966-Vogue-14May13_b22_vogue-sept-66-vogue-25jun1323_1st_1967_SKMBT_C2031007290833323_MX-2600N_20100825_090148_03124_5423778025_b7311cddba_o25_MX-2600N_20110826_134944_00126_SKMBT_C20310062410330

This issue above had an optional acetate cover (see below) with psychedelic artwork which was popular of the 70’s.27_SKMBT_C2031006290745028_198428_Vintage_Vogue_Magazine_Cover

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