Bondi Graffiti

1_IMG_9351 - Copy

These are some snaps of the graffiti surrounding Bondi beach, taken on my last visit to this iconic Australian spot.

2_IMG_93493_IMG_9371 - Copy4_featured_IMG_93505_IMG_93606_IMG_93747_IMG_93528_IMG_9367 - Copy

These photos feature artists such as Mr G (aka Graham Hoete), Mulga (Joel Moore) & Lister (Anthony Lister).


The history of aerosol art painted on Bondi Wall dates back to the 1960s, and the wall continually changes with new artists in circulation for its prominent beach-side space. 

12_IMG_9362 - Copy -_make this featured image13_IMG_9366_last image_ IMG_9368

Sand washed up to the esplanade, after a recent storm.

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