Russian Red


When it’s grey outside – I always like a bit of colour to lift my mood.

2_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington11of11 - Copy - Copy

These photos are from the US Vogue September 1990 issue. 


Photographed by Arthur Elgort, styled by Grace Coddington & featuring 90’s supermodel Christy Turlington.

4_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington4of11 - Copy

This shoot was taken in a time (1990) when Russia had changed dramatically. In Grace Coddingtons book ‘A Memoir’ she reflects on this shoot….‘With the big thaw of glasnost and their newfound affluence, the Russians were more flashy, ‘designery’, and opulent. McDonalds had recently opened, and there were queues around the block’

5_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington4of116_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington10of117_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington10of11 - Copy8_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington2of119_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington3of1110_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington5of1111_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington8of1112_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington6of1113_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington7of112nd last_199910ElgortRussiaTurlington9of11last_Christy-Turlington-by-Arthur-Elgort-for-Vogue-US-September-1990

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