Posing in Vintage

I met Miss Jasmine Zhu at Eco Fashion Week when she showcased her collection styled from Value Village thrift store purchases.


She is a busy blogger, stylist & recently took some time out to chat to me about her work….

The blog ‘Posing in Vintage’ started in 2011 – what was your motivation behind starting it?

My blog started because of my boyfriend actually.  He bought a new DSLR and I ended up becoming his subject.  After a couple of shoots, he asked about whether I would consider blogging and the rest they say, is history.

1_Velvet dress and collar necklace by Iulia Agnew 2

How did you come up with the name for your business?

The name Posing In Vintage came to me beginning of this year actually.  I was just thinking about re-branding my blog to something more related to fashion and realized that I am always somewhat posing in vintage anyway.

How has living in Vancouver influenced you & your blog?

Vancouver is such a beautiful city; even just a random street could become the best backdrop for a photo.   I guess it’s less of an influence, more just made it really easy for me to continue blogging.

2_How to wear floral patterns

If not in Vancouver, where would you live?

I love Vancouver actually, every time I leave it, I end up appreciating it more!  But I really wouldn’t mind living in New York or San Fran for a year or two.


What do you see outside your apartment window?

I have a pretty amazing view of the Port of Vancouver, North Shore mountains, Canada place, the ocean and the Woodwards building.  Very picturesque I must say.

What do you enjoy most about being your own boss?

I love the fact that I have so much creative freedom.  My blog allows me to step outside of the everyday mundane and just be focused on creating something that makes me happy.


Do you remember your first vintage fashion purchase? What impression did it make on you?

My first vintage fashion purchase was a Christian Dior purse.  It was only $12, and I was hooked on thrifting after that.

You collaborate with photographers on your blog…who are they and how did you start to work together?

As I mentioned, my first photographer was my boyfriend.  He is a graphic designer by trade and photographer by hobby.  Recently, I paired up with an amazing lady, Iulia Agnew.  She is so incredibly talented.  I was introduced to her by a mutual friend, originally just to promote her vintage shop, but something else blossomed from it.  


Do you have a favourite photo-shoot from your archives?

Not to sound vain, but I love every shoot I do.  If you have to make me choose one, I would have to go with the first collaboration I did with Iulia.  We took so many different photos and created so many different looks.  We really had to be creative for that one, it was so much fun.

What piece from your wardrobe is among your current favorites?

I love this vintage nightgown I bought recently.  It’s such a piece of treasure, I want to wear it all the time. 

6_or after related answer_vintage-night-gown-and-flower-crown

Who is your muse?

I think the general street style fashion community is where I draw my inspiration from.  I really cannot narrow it down to one person, too many amazing ladies out there.


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