Cafe Regalade

Having lived in Vancouver for some months now, I have been lucky enough to make many French friends, and thankfully – been introduced to some of the best French cuisine I have ever had.

My friend Cecile works at Cafe Regalade in Kitsilano, so naturally I had to have a meal there, and since that night I have fallen in love with French food to the point I want to be Julia Childs and learn the art of French cooking …….. and eating.

All the food I have tried at Cafe Regalade has been amazing….from the Beef Bourguinon, the 7-hour Lamb to the Chicken Fricasse…the meat simply melts in your mouth – and this is coming from someone who was once a vegetarian. The cheese, the wine, the muffins, the scallop tartine (above)…even the bread and butter – is delicious!

However I cannot go past desserts (ever!) and the Chocolate Profiteroles there are simply incredible! I am having a food coma just thinking about them. Think crunchy biscuit sandwiched with vanilla ice-cream in a bed of warm rich melted chocolate…mmmm….yes my favourite dessert in town by far.

If you live in Vancouver – a visit for dinner is essential (as are bookings as they are always full)…and if you don’t I will surely eat your share…but you can also buy one of their cook-books here.

2 thoughts on “Cafe Regalade

  1. Maaanndy! I’m reaching you on several online mediums this week, how fun! Reading this, loving seeing what you are up to, but cannot believe you are no longer vego?!! What happened!! Welcome to the dark side
    Lucy xx

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