Tarina Tarantino

It’s a bit of a mouthful…I know.

But you won’t mind remembering it when you discover this very cool lady, her signature hot pink hair & her brand.

A costume jewellery designer (all her pieces are hand-made in the USA), Tarina has captured my attention for the stunning & unique campaign images she churns out each season.

The jewellery may not be to everyone’s taste. Wade through the pink, girly range to discover some very cool kitsch & edgier pieces. I love the Cocobanana Collection & Hey Sailor range. She was also approached by Warner Bros. to create a ‘Wizard of Oz’ jewellery line which is called ‘My Pretty’ and the ‘Queen Alice’ range has some cute styles with motifs from Alice In Wonderland.

A stylists dream…these campaign images are what I love the most. Hair by Syd Curry.

Tarina with her signature hot pink hair sitting next to Jay Alexander from 'America's Next Top Model' at the Barbie show in New York.

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