Architecture In Helsinki

Yes the buildings in Helsinki, Finland are very cool….but I’m referring to the quirky band from Melbourne, Australia.

Architecture in Helsinki  performed at the Venue in Vancouver last Sunday night playing songs from their new album, “Moment Bends” which was recorded over two years in the band’s own studio, Buckingham Palace, named after the huge photo mural of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham.

Supported by the New York synth-pop band Hooray For Earth, it was a fine show of indie pop & dancing whilst the stage was swarmed in blue lights. As most of the band members can play multiple instruments the stage was lively as they moved around from keyboard to keyboard and pulled out some energy filled dance moves. Highlight was the choreographed dance number during ‘That Beep’.

Architecture in Helsinki live at the Venue, Vancouver

Kellie Sutherland

Cameron Bird breaking out the moves

Gus Franklin


Sam Perry on bass

In a more sombre moment

Gus Franklin & Jamie Mildren

Sam Perry on bass & Cameron Bird on keyboard

Jamie Mildren's hot pink 80's Reebok trainers

Kellie's print pants & denim wedge heels

Cameron's two-tone chambray panelled pants with denim & white trainers

Fans dressed up as colourful puppets from 'Heart It Races' film clip

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