Peggy Wolf


In love with the illustrator – Peggy Wolf’s soft style and her stunning colour combinations.


It reminds me of vintage fashion illustrations and takes us back to a time where fashion was a craft to be made with our hands.



I love Peggy’s range of illustration talent that blends photography, watercolour, gouache, markers & ink.


Her clients include Jil Stuart White, Iben Hoj (Danish brand), Jennifer Loiselle, Glossy Box & Justin Timberlake.


Peggy Wolf is a German illustrator based in London. Before she became a full-time illustrator, she studied Fashion Design and worked as an Interior Designer, which has shaped and influenced her hand-drawn illustrations and digital collages enormously.


She is mostly known for her striking illustrations of various female portraits, which are often described as quirky, colorful, enigmatic and sophisticated characters with an edge.

10 new_peg3

You can buy one of her illustrations here and she also sells her work on Etsy & big cartel.

11 new_peg5

12_peggwolf13_044314_Notorious8615_peggywolfdesigns18_Follow your dream16_03517_fotor022217333619_Peggy+Wolf+Collages+1

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