Young Oak

NEW_1377171_530726673683529_880441259_nYoung Oak is a collection of edited and re-designed vintage pieces. Each item is scouted, carefully restored, reworked and revived by the hands of talented Tammy Joe. She also showed her first range on the catwalk last October at Eco Fashion WeekTammy shares her story with us here…
When did ‘Young Oak’ start?
It’s difficult to pinpoint the beginning of Young Oak because I feel like it’s been a work in progress over a small lifetime. I have been collecting vintage clothing and accessories with the hopes of remaking them into modern wearable garments for over a decade…but I would say the debut and catalyst of Young Oak was the show at Eco Fashion Week this past October.
If not in Vancouver, where would you live?
I would live in Seoul in the spring, Paris in the fall, and Vancouver in the summer and winter. I need to start working towards making this happen very soon…
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You often travel for work  – any favourite destinations?
Small towns in Florida have always been a fortuitous sourcing destination.
Do you have a favourite ‘Young Oak’ photo-shoot from your archives that you have worked on? 
Young Oak was recently featured in a photo shoot in Quebec for EF Magazine. The collection is beautifully styled and shot and feels wonderfully Canadian.
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How did you get involved with Vancouver Eco Fashion Week?

I have attended a few Eco Fashion Week shows in the past and thought it would be the perfect place to debut Young Oak.


Tell me about this recent range you showed at eco fashion week….what was your inspiration for it?
For my recent show at EFW I wanted the capsule collection to be a temporary escape for both myself and everyone viewing it. I envisioned Young Oak’s first collection to juxtapose the laid back utilitarian style of Vancouver and dated connotations of vintage apparel.

You collaborated with Park Apparel for your collection – how did this collaboration come about?
Ann Park Peters is a close friend of mine and an amazing artist. As soon as I saw Park Apparel’s legwear line, I knew it was the perfect pairing for the show. I love the dramatic simplicity of her line.
Do you remember your first vintage fashion purchase?
The first vintage item I purchased was a plaid wool over-sized jacket that I bought at a thrift store when I was in high school. I remember remarking how great the fabric and construction was and so it all began…

When you are not sourcing vintage or re-working it & sewing…..what do you love to do?
When I’m not working on Young Oak, I am hanging out with my other loves. It usually involves films, tunes and delicious food with my husband Sam and little dog Louis.
Where do you find inspiration for your colour palette & seasonal collections?
All if not most of my inspiration for my collections come from the fabric of the garments. Usually a few key pieces speak to me and the rest of the collection begins from there.

What outfit from your ‘Young Oak’ collection is amongst your favourites?
Oh goodness…I have a thing for two pieces since they provide style options, I love the cape coats, the gold empire dress and all the silk sequin dresses…I guess it’s a good sign to love it all?!
Who is your muse?
It is always changing but I would love to dress Lea Seydoux…
What is next for Tammy Joe? 
I am currently working on a line of capsule collections called Academie with my close friend Jennifer Nosek. There is also so much more in store for Young Oak… Here is to the beginning.
Credits for the shoot : Photography by Katia Pershin Photography, hair and make-up by Kimberly Tessier, styling and art direction by Malorie Bertrand of August May Sustainable Styling.
Catwalk photos by Peter Jensen.

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