In The Dollhouse


It’s some time now since I heard photographer Dina Goldstein speak at a Pecha Kucha event in Vancouver, but stumbled across her website again today and recalled these images from her ‘In the Dollhouse’ series.

2__bathroommirror3__breakfast4__diningalone & featured image5__passedout7__bathroom_the affair_dollhouse-dina-goldstein (1)9__haircut10__headless

To create the photo series – she recreated a life-size 4 room set aimed to look like Barbie & Ken’s pink interior house. The 10 part series, which was shot over a long weekend, chronicles the life of B & K in their unhappy home. It features models Nathaniel Campbell as “K” doll & Reghan Blake as “B” doll and the making-of video can be seen here

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