Miss Sia Furler.

This lady is at the top of my playlist.

Incredible voice, super cute, unique style of fashion & lover of all things colourful & hand-made. In my opinion – she is a superstar. 

Any road trip, any lull in the conversation, any day you are feeling a teeny, weeny bit blue….Instant remedy: Play SIA! Her new album ‘We Are Born’ will get you jumping around the living room & singing at the top of your lungs.

I saw her at the Enmore Theatre as part of the ‘We are Born – Big Day out tour’ earlier this year…and…Wow!!! Amazing!!!

This Aussie singer/songwriter is quirky, fun & so full of energy….

On stage in Vancouver at the ‘We meaning You’ tour
I love her full skirt and those hand-made paper wings.
Photo by Rj Shaugnessy
Sia & her very fun bubble machine which blows bubbles out over the audience whilst she sings. Magical!
Photo by Rj Shaughnessy

My favourite all time song of Sia’s is a ballad tune called ‘Breath Me’…off the album ‘Colour the Small One’.

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