Valentino Red

Having just finished watching the documentary ‘Valentino: the last Emperor‘ I want to devote today’s post to the man behind the glamour, embellished & floor-sweeping couture gowns. 

1_08style1a2_H_catwalk_yourself_2000s_valentinoAPTOPIX FRANCE FASHION VALENTINO FAREWELL

Director Matt Tyrnauer & crew filmed this over two years, shooting more than 250 hours of footage. The result: a very intimate, beautiful look at Valentino Garavani, and his inner circle of closest friends – including longtime partner, Giancarlo Giammetti.

new 4_art-fashion-620x349new 4_valentino_red7_Valentino-Garavani-Virtual-Archives-MuseumNEW 6 valentino-2

In love with these images featuring some of his red dresses that have been become known in the fashion industry as “Valentino red.”

8_70c99554fe01d69e873e19002bcde1ec_L9_arapacisbefore 10_Valentino-Garavani10_Valentino-HC-LZ2013-Red-behind-the-scenes-Vogue-Photographed-by-Kevin-Tachman14_Picture-18 (1)13_NAtallia VODIANOVA -VALENTINO-0398.CR2_11_valentino-photo-martin-schoeller15_NAtalia-VALENTINO-0607icon_last image

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